"...Just wanted to let you know that our Tape Extractor and Ultrabinder are working just as expected saving us money and providing a much safer operation for our laborers..." Dan Tabar Farm Manager/Facility Manager
Nunhems USA, Inc.

Success in agriculture is the goal at Andros Corporation. Our clientele include some of the most successful producers of food and fiber in the world. By combining the latest technology, with a dedication to quality craftsmanship, we have developed a reputation as a world leader at providing specialized solutions for commercial farmers, seed and plant researchers and a variety of businesses that focus on supporting production agriculture.


Our awareness of the importance of using water efficiently is why we have been providing equipment solutions to the micro and drip irrigation industry for almost 30 years. We build a complete line of products that can make the process of irrigation system layout and retrieval as water-efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Research and Development

Our research and development group works directly with clients to find innovative solutions that reduce operating costs and increase profitability. We have extensive experience working with commercial growers, plant breeders and seed researchers in the areas of:

  • Reducing manual labor in field operations related to irrigating, cultivating and harvesting of crops...
  • Developing systems to protect crops from birds and other pests...
  • Designing and building special function tractors, harvesters and cultivation systems.

New Products


The New Fusion Splicer is designed to bond irrigation driptape, it incorporates the latest technology to control...More



The New High Capacity GFSDI Platforms have many specifications that make unique for applications...More


The New Jr. Lay-Flat Winder constructed from steel and polyethylene...More



The New 3 Pt. Flat Net Machine are for flat-net users who need a simple solution for handling reusable rolls of...More

Our Markets



Complete line of equipment for both driptape deployment and retrieval.


Mining and Wastewater

SDI delivery and recovery system solutions for heap leaching including OEM and after market adaptability.



Plant Research and Nurseries

Solutions for labor reduction, seed and plant handling, proprietary designs. We offer a variety of process improvements for both domestic and international growers.



Engineering Solutions

Our experienced engineering team uses the latest software and technology creating labor reducing solutions.