About Us


Since 1985, Andros has provided the agricultural industry with innovative products aimed at giving our clients choices and solutions to their operational needs. Developing and engineering products in fields such as agriculture, mining and irrigation, Andros designs and manufactures efficient products with your needs in mind.

Andros also designs micro-irrigation products that are easy to operate, quality constructed and long-lasting. Delivering a small (but frequent) supply of water to each plant's roots, micro-irrigation is a cost effective and water conserving technology. Our End-of-Row Retrieval System has been designed for drip tape users who need a micro-irrigation system that is both portable and reusable. Also, our patented Agri-Spool II enables any user to retrieve and reuse drip tape. Micro-irrigation is necessary in any irrigation system when considering cost-effectiveness and water conservation.

Research and development are two essential elements in the Andros strategy. With projects in precision viticulture, field processing automation and precision vegetable production, we continue investing in research and development for practical yet innovative solutions. Our goal at Andros is to find the answers that will contribute to your success.