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Tecnologías y modernización marcan importante feria agrícola IFT-Agro en Talca
Con la presencia del ministro de Agricultura, Antonio Walker, y las principales autoridades del Maule, se inauguró en Talca la tercera versión de IFT-Agro...... More

Inaugurada feria agrícola más importante del país IFT AGRO 2018...
05/10/2018... More

Gobernador de Talca en Feria Agrícola de Chile IFT-AGRO 2018
Gobernador de Talca, Felipe Donoso, se refiere a la importancia de la IFT-AGRO CHILE 2018 para los agricultores de la Región del Maule y del país...... More

Más de 90 empresas confirman participación en importante feria agrícola IFT-Agro
Más de 9 mil asistentes se esperan que visiten la feria agrícola más importante del país, IFT-Agro 2018, actividad que se realizará entre el 9 y 11 de mayo en Talca...... More

World Ag Expo top 10 cutting edge products
TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The World Ag Expo kicked off on Tuesday and below is a list of top 10 items...... More

Thousands converge on Tulare as the World Ag Expo kicks off
02/13/2018... More

Californian engineering and irrigation companies enter partnership
Andros Engineering, the California based company that manufactures the single use drip tape recycling system... More

В Калифорнии внедряется машина для смотки капельной ленты (фото) (Russian Version)
11/28/2017... More

Top-10 New Products Competition, Sponsored by Bank of America
12/04/2017... More

New drip tape collection technology promises faster and cheaper outcomes
11/13/2017... More

Researchers Say Drip Irrigation Nets Higher Yields
11/13/2017... More

Forage Industry Updated at Field Day
The field day began with a tour of some of the sorghum and alfalfa trials at the facility. Agronomy Advisor for Cooperative Extension in Fresno and Madera Counties, Shannon Mueller, spoke on alfalfa variety selection...... More

Higher profits from subsurface drip irrigation
06/06/2017... More

Agronegócios: Lançamento consolida Netafim no mercado de grãos
05/24/2017... More

SPONSORED: Water Management Study: Netafim Drip-Irrigation
Jonathan Perkins, Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® Location Lead & Agronomist in Southern Illinois, long with Jim Hunt, Netafim Irrigation Inc. Market Segment Leader, discuss the advantages of using the Netafim drip-irrigation system...... More

Andros/Bestway Collaboration
PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA (September 7, 2016)- Andros Engineering Corporation, Paso Robles, CA, a leading manufacturer of specialized drip tape irrigation installation and...... More

Dealer Recognition
02/13/2015... More

IFT-AGRO 2016 A Success; Survey shows Widespread Satisfaction; 2017 Show Date April 5-8
IFT-AGRO '16, began on a high note when Chilean president Michelle Bachelet cut the ceremonial ribbon and welcomed an overflow crowd of agricultural industry leaders and officials...... More

Warnsdorf mourning for Karl-Heinz Dahl
03/08/2016... More

Southern Idaho Grower Raising Hay with Buried Drip
Farmer Todd Garrett believes water has become a precious enough commodity in southeast Idaho to justify his investment in costly buried drip irrigation at a commercial scale...... More

Video - The Andros platform installs up to five parallel lines at once for up to 40 acres of cropland
07/27/2015... More

Video - Drip Irrigation Brings Water To The Field with Less Power
Irrigation tape Systems challenged by short window of opportunity for installation...... More

Video - AquaCents Helps To Cut Water Use in Half
AquaCents is a Water Management Solution using patented technology to save up to 50% on outdoor water use in turf...... More

NEW from Aqua Cents, brand new promotional video...
03/25/2014... More

Andros will provide the collection and volume reduction operations in the islands under a subcontract with IAG...
03/25/2014... More

Water conservation fuels innovation
In water-starved regions like the San Joaquin Valley, technologies that stretch the resource to its full potential are an easy sell...... More

CA Landscaping Magazine Article May-June 2013
Drive down the street of almost any well-kept neighborhood in the state and you see lawn - green, lush, trimmed, mowed and edged... Pg. 8-10... More

Polymer Injections Cut Water Usage in Half
Water conservation is a big deal in places like California. In fact, it's becoming a big deal in municipalities all across the country...... More

Kip Cullers, U.S. Soybean King, Seeks an Edge with John Deere Technology
07/03/2012... More

Polymer Lawn Care Saves Water A Ton!
Landscape irrigation accounts for almost one-third of all residential water use, totaling more than 7 billion gallons per day in the United States.... More

Soil treatment machine promises water cost savings
Tom De Lany, owner of All Commercial Landscape Service in Fresno, wants to keep lawns greener with a new water management system that injects water-absorbing polymers into the ground, just below the sod.... More

Series III Drip Tape Carrier Speeds Laying Irrigation Tape
The job of laying drip irrigation tape — loading the full roll and dispensing the tape — is now a lot faster, easier and safer than it used to be...... More

International Reception in honor of Andros Engineering
On Monday, February 11, 2008 nearly 100 industries...... More