Top-10 New Products Competition, Sponsored by Bank of America

The ANDROS Megabinder LRV has been selected as a winner for the 2018 World Ag Expo Top-10 New Products Competition, sponsored by Bank of America!

Adrianna McCoy from the World Ag Center says "Of all the entries received this year, the world AG Expo panel of judges found your product to be one of best!"

With the MegaBinder LRV, multiple lines of material can be retrieved simultaneously while additional lines are being fed onto the growing roll of wound product during retrieval. This allows continuous operation of the machine reflecting a very efficient retrieval process. A tensioning system is incorporated into the traverse head helping to create very tight dense rolls, while simultaneously cleaning trash and shedding liquid from the discarded material.

• Ideal for Recycling.
• Collected material is hydraulically ejected from the winding arbor and onto the bed for transporting.
• Drip tape rolls are average 800-1200lbs.
• Collect Fume Film, Mulch and Drip-tape.
• Can transport up to 4 Collected Rolls at a time.
• Hydraulic Roll Ejection.
• Tilt bed roller system for easy discharging.
• Self-Contained and Turnkey ready for any job.


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