Andros has a wide variety of equipment, systems, and tools for deployment, injection, and retrieval that will make your agricultural work quicker and easier. In addition, we offer innovative equipment that will reduce your costs.

Plant Research Equipment

We manufacture specialized equipment from a single row to multiple rows according to your needs, making your labor more efficient.

Crop Protection

Andros offers a complete line of crop protection equipment allowing growers the ability to shield their crops from birds, insects, reptiles or even Jack Frost himself. If your application is vineyards or strawberries, orchards or nurseries, we will work with you to match the appropriate equipment for the job.

Mining and Wastewater

Our line of mining and wastewater for deployment, injection and recovery equipment can be found in some of the most job demanding remote locations around the world, no matter if it is 19,000 feet in Argentina, or Open Pit SX mines located in the US. In addition, our mining and wastewater tools will provide accurate placement minimizing variables throughout the job operation.