Citrus-Master Layout/Retrieval Version with 3 Pt. Boom: Retrieving Net


In 2006, Andros engineered and developed the “Citrus-Master” crop protection system that prevents bees from cross-pollinating valuable seedless citrus varieties with less valuable seeded varieties. New net can be laid out directly from factory rolls using our dual roll deployment trailer, and after this first deployment, net is wound onto Andros Agri-Spools II for storage and reuse. The system’s unique 3-Pt Boom mechanism allows a field technician the flexibility to sling and articulate protective netting either for deployment or retrieval. This versatile boom design allows near complete articulation, and precision hydraulic controls provide real time adjustments in some of the harshest conditions.

Since the first model was introduced nearly 9 years ago, our research and development group has continued to make refinements and improvements making the Original Andros Citrus-Master the benchmark from which all other systems are compared.

Helping you be more productive with less labor, Andros continues to innovate new equipment to meet tomorrow’s demands.

NM0801-158 58" Agri-Spool II


  • Super Duty Auto Traverse Mechanism
  • Cat II 3-point with Drawbar Adapter
  • Accepts the Largest Capacity Reels
  • Easy Load Net Feeding
  • Multi-Module Quick Connects
  • Simple, Efficient Open Center Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Agri-Spool II Loading/Unloading
  • Quick Change Wear Parts
  • Large Tool Tote
  • Ergonomic Controllers and Safety Man Stand

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NM0802-002 Citrus-Master New Net Deployer


NM1102-003 3 Pt. Boom for Install and Retrieve


NM1102-001 Citrus-Master Layout/Retrieval Version