36" Hybrid Tools


The 36” Hybrid Injection Tools from Andros are designed for driptape growers who want inject to SDI depths of 18”. These tools can accept 1 1/8” thin wall tape, the flexibility of these tools will also allow the users the ability to pass a variety of name brand mechanical couplers during the operation. Additionally, the Hybrid Guide Rollers are used for passing driptape frictionless though the injector and the Mechanical MB Clamps are designed to prevent catastrophic tool damage.

“The 36” Hybrid Tools incorporate the medium draft design for minimal soil eruption. The result is a tool that is faster, stronger and safer to use than anything we’ve offered in the past.”

General Features

  • All the 36” Hybrid tools use the same clamping system to allow more versatility to your injection sled.
  • The Hi-Chrome Tip and Shin Guard are heat-treated for proving the strength necessary to inject into the heaviest soils, and to protect against wear from abrasion.
  • Both of these high wear components are easily replaceable with no cutting or welding required.
  • The large guide block permits gentle passage of couplers and large pressure compensating emitters.
  • The pivoting access door allows operators to inspect tool for internal wear or contamination making replacing parts or cleaning easy and fast.

    1. 950-0004 Deep Shin
    2. 950-0010 Deep Tip

    * Easy Wear Replacement

    *All Hybrid Tools include
    access/clean out

    (5/8", 7/8" Tape)

    Guide Roller
    (5/8", 7/8" Tape)