Hybrid Injection Tools


The Hybrid Injection Tool from Andros is designed to meet the needs of growers requiring a more robust tool for injecting a wide variety of sizes and styles of drip tape.

The Hybrid Tool incorporates new designs developed in cooperation with some of our most successful clients. The result is a tool that is faster, stronger and safer to use than anything we’ve offered in the past

Key Features

Replaceable Wear Components
Chrome Tip & Chrome Shin-Guard
Both of these high wear components are easily replaceable with no cutting or welding required.

The increased length of the shin-guard along with a high strength steel shank body allow for accurate placement of tape up to 16-inches depth. Encased and shielded with easy removable Hi-Chrome

Shear Bolt Protection
The Hybrid tool mounts via 2 large high strength bolts, a pivot bolt and a shear bolt protecting the tool and toolbar from damage.

Easy access, large diameter guide block
The large guide block permits gentle passage of couplers and large pressure compensating emitters. The pivoting access door allows operators to inspect tool for internal wear or contamination making replacing parts or cleaning easy and fast.