Series VI Carrier

SC1402-101 Series VI Carrier

Our new high capacity Series VI cassette carrier allows installers the capability of easy spool change out.

This product version addresses time sensitive projects because of its unique chamber function, it allows continual use of it primary spooler while storing the next rotation that is ready to load.

In addition, the Series VI system is equipped with a mechanical eject function that lifts and traverses empty cartridges towards the front for unloading.




During the change over field technicians can stage new product with addition cartridges allowing the installation pass to finish.

Designed for both RSDI (Rigid<) and GFSDI (Ground Following), the Series VI carrier will minimize down time, and maximize field coverage when matched with your platform.


  • Ergonomic Ejection system.
  • Dual Series Spool Adapters.
  • Bumper Handle.
  • Proportional resistance arm.

TB1407-001 5 Row GFSDI with Series VI Carrier