Universal Injection Tool

SI1410-001 Universal Injection Tool

4 Row Universal Injection Sled




The Universal Injection Tool from Andros enables any grower to inject drip tape in a cost effective and efficient manner. The unique features incorporated into this tool's design insure that injecting tape will be done accurately and safely. Quality construction and the use of wear resistant materials guarantee the integrity of the injected tape while maintaining a long working life for the tool.

The integral reel carrier permits the user to mount a complete injection system on a single toolbar clamp. This allows the Universal Injection Tool to be used on virtually any type of toolbar.

A heat-treated shank provides the strength necessary to inject into the heaviest soils and hard chrome shin and toe guards protect against wear from abrasion.

A specially designed plastic guide located in the foot of the tool ensures that tape will lay flat in the bed eliminating problems associated with twisted or kinked tape. A tensioning system on the carrier shaft provides gentle tape tension as recommended by tape manufacturers, and prevents overrun at the end of the row. The ever-growing networks of Andros dealers insure that parts and service are available to the customer.