BOSS Tape Layer MSDI Platforms


BOSS MSDI Platforms


Single Row 60-2 LineSDI

Triple Row 60 SDI

Designed for those drip tape users that want to layout or inject tape on a production scale. This type of drip-tape injection requires installation equipment that is cost effective and efficient. Our select platforms allow the user to cover many acres quickly with accurate placement.

Additionally, this system has many unique features designed specifically for the large scale operation:

  • Adjustable bed shaper cones.
  • Unmatched rapid spool loading and unloading, studies show up to 7 minutes faster than any conventional arbor carrier per spool.
  • Range of depths medium of 3" to 12".
  • Durable design and expandable.
  • Ergonomic design and rapid load and unload of full drip tape rolls.
  • Can be outfitted with a wide selection of Andros's accessories.
  • Toolbar designed to accept all Andros injection and layout tools.
  • Ideal for a variety of depth injection from 10" to 12".
  • Optional: Press-pans create a finished bed for planting over tape.
  • Optional: floating tool mounts let injection tools adjust to the requirements of each individual row.
  • maintaining uniform layout depths even on the widest toolbars.
  • Optional: coulters for no or low-till applications.
  • Chose between sled runners or gauge wheels or a combination of both to fit your particular requirements.