High Capacity GFSDI Platforms


High Capacity GFSDI Platforms


6 Row GFSDI with Series III Carrier

6 Row GFSDI with Finisher Kit

A big advantage of SDI systems is that they are suitable for ground that may be uneven or of marginal quality. The Hi-Capacity Ground Following Tape Injection System from Andros allows SDI users to accurately inject drip tape to depth up 16-inches. Each dripper line is fed through an injection tool that is mounted to its own floating tool carrier. Each carrier follows the ground contour to place the tape line at the exact depth specified by the system design. Other systems that mount injection tools on a rigid bar can have cross-slope variations of several inches, depending on how many lines are injected in each pass. Depth variation is eliminated with the Andros GF System creating an extremely precise water delivery system even in difficult field conditions.


  • Super Heavy duty construction using high tensile tube steel components.
  • Hydraulically assisted parallel linkage system, to allow maximum float range with high ground clearance during turns and transport.
  • Individual depth gauging w/adjustable screw-jacks at each gauge wheel.
  • A unique gauge wheel design that can incorporate a removable coulter for cutting stover or roots to prevent buildup on injection tools.
  • Ergonomically designed tape reel carriers and loading racks for operator comfort
  • Catwalk with safety rails for operator safety.