"Break-Away" Tape Injectors


SI1505-101 Swept-Back SBA

The Break-Away Tape Injector tool from Andros allows drip tape users to safely place tape in fields that have proven impracticable for effective tape placement. Rocks, obstructions, hard dry soil are no match for the special features incorporated into the design of this tool.

The spring loaded break-away hinge keeps the tool at the correct depth until it encounters hard soil or rocks. It quickly adjusts its angle of attack until the obstruction has been cleared and then instantly returns to its correct position. Tape layout is unaffected by the tool's break away action allowing the operator to maintain maximum field capacity by not stopping to repair or readjust tools. Additionally, injector and toolbar life is increased by reducing heavy shock loads from rock strikes and extreme hard soil conditions.

The tool can be mounted to any conventional tool bar and to most precision planters. This allows for very precise placement of tape in relationship to seed line or transplants.


SBA and MBA tools include guide Roller / diverter
*All units include integrated inspection door.

SS Camara Dual SB

SS Camara Dual AT

Swept-Back SBA

Ag-Tip SBA

Cast MBA