Agri-Spools II


950-1018 18" Agri-Spool II
950-1024 24" Agri-Spool II
950-1036 36" Agri-Spool II

The Agri-Spool II from Andros has earned a reputation that has made it the number one choice for drip tape users who want to retrieve and reuse their drip tape. The sturdy design and use of high quality materials have passed the test of time as season after season the Agri-Spool has grown to be the number one choice of large and small drip tape users.

The engineers at Andros continue to improve on this design to insure that Agri-Spool will maintain its position as the key player in any successful drip tape retrieval system. Recent improvements on this proven design include:

  • 50% increase in core wall thickness, pull tape on the longest runs with no core damage.
  • Multiple molded drive pockets on outside of flange make for faster reel changes and more pulling power without damaging core.
  • Locking tabs on flanges prevent separation of flange from core during retrieval.
  • Removable flange with new thread design increases strength while reducing assembly and disassembly time.




18” 3000-ft capacity Approx. 65 lbs loaded
24” 7500-ft capacity Approx. 150 lbs loaded
36” 4– Up to 600-ft capacity
6– Up to 300-ft capacity
8– Up to 300-ft capacity


The Agri-Spool is designed to work flawlessly with our complete line of injection, layout and retrieval tools. Our rapidly expanding dealer network provides growers with quick and easy access to Agri-Spools and other Andros products with no waiting or shipping costs. This combination guarantees that drip tape users will consistently realize cost effective and efficient performance from their drip irrigation systems.