Linear Tape Counter

Today's highly competitive agricultural environment demands that growers be extremely precise in everything they do if they want to maintain a profitable bottom line. Whether the inputs are fuel, chemicals, machine hours or drip tape, today's successful grower needs to know exactly how much of each input he can use and still be in the black. The Linear Tape Counter from Andros enables any grower to know exactly how much drip tape is being retrieved onto an Agri-Spool.

The Linear Tape Counter can be used on any Andros Universal Style Retrieval Head. The display unit comes with a magnetic base allowing it to be mounted on any metal surface for easy viewing. A digital readout tells the operator how much tape has been placed on the Agri-Spool. This allows the user to match the amount of tape on the reel to the row lengths of the field it will be used in next. Units are powered by the tractor's 12VDC auxiliary electrical outlet or any 12VDC power source.