Drip Tape Extraction & Diverter


BB01-001 Tape Diverter                                                                               BB01-002 Tape Diverter


This system was designed for the vegetable grower who uses drip tape to germinate in the center of the bed, but wants to move tape into the furrows for subsequent irrigations.

The extractor applies an adjusted constant pull on the tape while the tractor traverses the field, pulling the tape out of crops and laying the tape on top of the crop or in the furrow.


  • Easily extracts through tomatoes
  • Reduces hand labor to move tape
  • Places tape on top of crop or furrow
  • Saves tape for reuse
  • Forces remaining water from drip tape eliminating the need to blow tape lines
  • Works with 8 mil and thicker drip tape
  • Great for multiple rows of tape per bed
  • Shakes debris off of tape

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