3 Pt. Flex-Net Machine


LF1401-001 Flex-Net Machine


The Andros’s Flex-Net Machine is created for lay-flat or hose users who need a simple solution for handling reusable rolls of sub-main manifolds and water delivery systems. Constructed from steel and polyethylene, this robust device will allows complete ease for deploying and retrieving your investment.

The Flex-Net Machine from Andros combined with the Agri-Spool II is the perfect set up for recycling. The Agri-Spool II designed works flawlessly with our complete line of retrieval equipment. These Agri-Spool II are available in different sizes: 18”, 24”, 28”, and 36”.


  • Variable Speed Controller.
  • Assist Rack.
  • Robust Support Platform.
  • Integrated Storage Stands.
  • Open Centered Hydraulic Package.
  • Cat II 3 Pt. Frame.
  • UV Poly Flange Sides.
  • UV Rubber Mats.


Contact your local Andros dealer and find out how you can use these and the entire Andros line to maximize the efficiency of your retrieval system.