Tractor 3 Pt. Lay-Flat Machines


                      LF0801-001 3 Pt. Lay-Flat Machine                                             MD1303-001 Triple Head Lay-Flat Machine                 



The Tractor 3 Pt. Lay-Flat Machines allow users the ability to layout and collect pliable irrigation piping systems (Lay-Flat), safely and efficiently, this tractor powered version is the simple solution for handling reusable rolls of sub-main manifolds from water delivery systems.

Built Andros tough, this high quality engineered device provides growers the flexibility and insurance to overcome nearly all obstacles with placement and re-spooling.

Built with an articulating spooling head, slide slopes and ditches are a breeze when the user can orientate spool to match ground level.


  • 4 to 1 ratio controller for easy re-spooling.
  • Adjustable operator Station.
  • Adjustable Spool Driver for 4”, 6” and 8” Lay-Flat.
  • Variable Speed Controller for Speed Adjustment.
  • Bolt on Cat II Adapter.
  • Front or Rear Mount Capable.
  • Shade Umbrella.


Operational Features

  • No lifting required.
  • Machine hydraulically loads and unloads full reels and can handle 4”, 6”, & 8” lay-flat.
  • Safe and Simple to operate.
  • No lifting means operators are protected from injuries caused by lifting rolls of lay-flat that can weigh upwards of 300 pounds.
  • This machine is equipped with multiple safety features to protect the operator during mobile and stationary operation.
  • All retrieval controls are clearly marked and accessible during both mobile and stationary operation.