Shallow Hose Tool



SI1701-001 Shallow Hose Tool


The Shallow Hose Tool from Andros enables any grower to inject drip hose in a cost effective and efficient manner. The unique features incorporated into this tool's design insure that injecting hose will be done accurately and safely.Quality construction and the use of wear resistant materials guarantee the integrity of the injected hose while maintaining a long working life for the tool.

Used in combination with a Universal Coil Carrier this tool provides a very versatile and adaptable system for accurate injection of drip hose.

It is ideal for use on tool bars pulling planters and bed-shapers that may have a limited amount of space available for mounting additional tools.

A heat-treated shank provides the strength necessary to inject hose into the heaviest soils and hard chrome shin and toe guards protect against wear from abrasion.

An ever-growing network of Andros dealers insure that parts and service are available to the customer.

TG0902-001 Hose Sweep Guide