Poly-Tube 3 Pt. Retrieval Systems


RT1301-001 Poly-Tube Retrieval System

RT1404-001 2 Row Poly-Tube Retrieval System

The Poly-Tube 3Pt. Retrieval Systems from Andros provide miners a dependable and safe method of retrieve thick walled tubing in above and below ground applications. Dependable, because the rugged, yet simple design guarantees uniform performance under a wide variety of operating conditions, and safe, because the unique design allows use of any manufacturers thick walled tubing with a minimal amount of adjustment.

Uses tractor’s auxiliary hydraulics. Kit includes speed control valve, hoses, quick and connect fittings for attachment to tractor.

All exposed metal components are zinc plated to resist corrosion. Precision bearings in the carrier assembly insure long life, and a tensioning system on the carrier shaft provides gentle tension to prevent overrun at the edge of the heap.




The Poly-Tube 3Pt. Retrieval Systems can be mount to any toolbar using standard clamps. In addition to laying out hose, these carriers are also available with a retrieval option that allows users to retrieve thick walled tubing for reuse or disposal. Available with either open or closed center hydraulics, the coil retrieval option can run in single or multiple head configurations using the tractors auxiliary hydraulics. A speed control allows the operator to control tension and speed of retrieval.

These systems are the industry standard with hundreds in use across the country. Contact your local Andros dealer to find out how you can use these, and the entire Andros line of mining.